放松. 用直接借记支付账单更容易更简单.


支付账单需要时间,而时间需要金钱. 直接借记可为您节省以下开支:





  1. 在发生任何错误时向银行退款的保证

  2. 付款金额或日期变更通知

  3. 随时取消的权利.

只是 下载 直接借记指示(DDI)表格及电邮至 I&CRevManDDI@414776.com.


Take control and discover easy ways to manage your energy account online with 保险王

登录 to view electronic invoices, raise and track queries, and get immediate access to consumption data.






To pay your bills using either BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing System) or CHAPS (Clearing House Automated Payment System), you'll need to arrange the payment with your bank and give them the following details:

帐户名称: 法国电力能源客户有限公司
分类代码: 40-05-30
账户号码: 44151844
银行: 汇丰银行,伦敦皇后街60号,EC4N 4TR
伊班人的号码: GB25MIDL40053044151844
斯威夫特代码: MIDLGB22

一旦你安排好转账,请发邮件通知亚美am8电游app下载 RemittanceAdvices@414776.com 引用你的EDF账号, 付款价值和发票号码,以便您的付款可以正确分配.

Please remember that BACS payments take three to four working days to clear into our bank account. CHAPS付款当天付清,并支付管理费.

如需其他付款方式,请参阅帐单背面. 你知道最简单的支付方式是直接借记吗? 请在此下载直接借记表格


Understanding what makes up your bill helps to manage your consumption and could cut your energy costs.


  1. 账单发票 -此部分总结您的帐户余额和最近的费用. 它解释了你需要做什么以及什么时候.

  2. 账单的细节 -这部分详细说明了不同的费用如何构成您的总账单. You’ll see specific metering information, including the meter readings your bill is based on.

如果您想了解更多关于您的账单的内容, 请参阅亚美am8电游app下载的账单指南. 

如果您对您的账单有具体的疑问,请致电 0845 366 3664(1).


Consolidated bills are great for customers with a lot of sites (ten or more) and a centralised payment processing system. 它们让你很容易掌握所有网站的能源使用情况. 这个选项简化了您的管理. 您可以:

  • 将帐户分组:按地区、成本中心或您选择的任何方式(在这里可以看到一个综合法案的例子)
  • 选择您自己独特的参考号码,以管理您的帐户容易
  • 轻松添加或删除网站到您的统一账单
  • 支付全额为所有您的网站与一个直接借记卡付款每月

要合并您的账单,请打电话 0845 366 3664(1).

把账单直接发到你的收件箱. 这比邮寄快,还能节省一些树木. You can analyse your energy costs using our free eBilling software which gives you access to a range of reports, 或者您可以自定义您自己的报告.



预估账单,退款,工程师突然出现在你的大楼. 这些是电表问题的三个主要症状.

Watch as Sam Andrews - Senior Account Executive - explains why they happen and what we do to get them back on track for you.

看看亚美am8电游app下载 故障排除指南 查看常见问题的答案.


  • From time to time your account may hold a credit balance due to new data received. 在这些情况下,您将收到一个已开发票期间的重新帐单, 或者对你的下一张发票进行信用调整. These measures make sure that your account is accurate and that any balance due to you is returned.
  • 了解更多关于如何索赔信用余额,这是由于你.


亚美am8电游app下载理解您的账户可以更改, either because some or all of your sites move location or change to a new supplier. 你的最终发票会告诉你账户上的余额. This may be a debit or a credit, depending on the final reading taken to close your account.

Find out more about processing final balances when your site closes or changes supplier including refunds and payments.


请观看山姆·泰勒, 亚美am8电游app下载高级客户经理, talks you through different charges on your bill and opportunities to make savings.






Find out how Value Added Tax and Climate Change Levy affects your business and if you qualify for reduced rates 或者免除ions


Paying the right amount of Value Added Tax (增值税) is fundamental for any business. 如果你符合某些标准,你可能有资格享受降低的增值税税率.

增值税 will normally be charged at the standard rate if the energy you use is solely for business or non-domestic purposes. 增值税,也适用于气候变化税,将被添加到您的账单.

A reduced 增值税 rate is available through a government concession for ‘low usage’ of electricity and gas. 在适用的情况下,减免将自动应用到您的账单上. 当前低使用率阈值为:

  • 电费-在收费期每天33千瓦时或以下 
  • 煤气费-收费期每天145千瓦时或以下.

如全部或部分用途为家庭或慈善非商业用途, 那部分供货符合降价的条件. 这就是所谓的"限定用法". You will need to complete a 增值税 Certificate of Declaration (for each account) advising us of the qualifying use.

Where there is 60% or more qualifying use (either domestic or charitable non-business), 整个供应按降低的增值税税率征收. 您的增值税报关证书, 然而, 反映您对合格使用的实际百分比的最佳估计. 根据英国税务海关总署(HMRC)的指南.


Climate change is widely recognised as the most important environmental challenge facing all countries today. There is growing scientific consensus on the potential impact on our climate of increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases.

CCL is a government initiative introduced in 2001 to encourage businesses to be more energy efficient to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to help meet the UK’s environmental targets.

The levy is chargeable only on units/kWh used and not on any other part of the bill, e.g. 站费用. 按标准税率的增值税被加到CCL费用中.

电力和燃气的CCL费率已分别设定, 与指数挂钩, 每年4月1日可能发生变化.


在某些情况下, 企业将全部或部分被排除在外, 或者免除, 向CCL支付能源供应的费用.


Where 增值税 is charged at the standard rate, CCL (plus 增值税 on CCL) will usually be added to the bill.



If the electricity or gas supply is used wholly or partly for domestic or charitable non-business use, that part of the supply qualifies for the reduced rate of 增值税 and is therefore excluded from  CCL. 如果你还没有, you will need to submit a 增值税 Certificate of Declaration to advise us what percentage of the supply qualifies on this basis.

在政府的让步下, ‘low usage’ of electricity and gas for business or non-domestic purposes is chargeable at the reduced rate of 增值税, 见上文增值税部分, 因此自动排除在CCL之外(i.e. if the average usage during the bill period is at or below 33 units (kWh) per day of electricity and at or below 145 units (kWh) per day of gas). 你不需要采取任何行动.

For more information on whether your business qualifies f或者免除ion, please visit the HMRC网站.


The government has given the following types of supply full or partial relief from CCL.


  • 一些运输方式
  • 结合热 & CHPQA (结合热)覆盖的电源(CHP)方案 & 电能质量保证证书)
  • 有关您的企业是否有资格获得救济或豁免的更多信息, 请访问英国海关总署网站.

供应符合高达90% CCL救济  

Government gives special consideration to energy-intensive industries given their energy usage and their exposure to international competition. 这方面的例子包括主要的能源密集型工艺,如钢铁, 化学物质和水泥, 还有农业部门,比如猪和家禽的集约化饲养. These are typically decided by business processes rather than particular sectors and are decided on a case-by-case basis.

You could qualify for up to 90%* relief from the CCL through a Climate Change Agreement (CCA) if you agree to challenging targets for improving energy efficiency or reducing carbon emissions. 有关CCAs的更多信息,并查看您的业务是否符合资格, 请访问环境署网站.

*90%的宽减只适用于电力供应. 天然气供应可获得最高65%的减免.


If you are eligible for relief, send a completed PP11 Supplier Certificate to us:

Admail ADM3814
WC1V 6 aj

您还需要将完成的PP10文件发送给英国税务 & 海关(HMRC). 了解 政府的增值税指南.

请注意:pp11不能从一个供应商转移到另一个供应商. You will need to ensure that an updated PP11 is submitted to the new supplier to ensure you continue getting relief. 

如需进一步资料,请浏览 英国税务 & 海关.