Why choose vehicle to grid for your business?

Running costs


Reduce your running costs

  • Generate savings equivalent to cost of driving 9,000 miles(1)
  • Similar cost to installing a fast charger
  • No impact on your daily EV charge needs

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Environmental sustainability


Support a low carbon future

  • Helps stabilise the grid
  • Supports the uptake of renewables 
  • Enhances your sustainability position

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Easy to operate

  • Fast high powered charging
  • Simple charging controls
  • Easy-to-use smart app

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What is vehicle to grid?

Vehicle to grid (V2G) technology allows electric vehicle (EV) batteries to store energy and discharge it back to the electricity network when it’s most needed – for instance at peak times of the day when usage across the UK is at its highest. This two-way exchange of energy provides your business with a number of economic, environmental and operational benefits.

Our vehicle to grid charging package

ABB V2G Electric Vehicle Chargepoint

What we offer

  • Vehicle to grid charger
  • Full installation
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Asset management & reporting portal
  • Vehicle to grid monthly savings
  • Vehicle to grid compatible car leasing and purchase through our partners

What you need

  • Half hourly metered supply
  • Three-phase connection
  • V2G compatible EV (Nissan Leaf or e-NV200)

Lease a V2G compatible EV

Nissan Leaf in White 570 x 363
nissan env 200 van 3/4 angle

We’ve partnered with some specialist electric vehicle leasing companies to offer your business some really great deals on Nissan's vehicle to grid compatible models.

Latest vehicle to grid news

Nissan Leaf road mountain scape

Nissan & EDF launch V2G charging solution

EDF has joined forces with Nissan to launch a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging solution in the UK. The V2G technology enables businesses to support the grid and progress towards their Net Zero targets, whilst reducing their running costs.

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Vehicle to grid - all the benefits of smart charging, plus

V2G Chargepoint Savings

Generate savings and reduce your running costs

Vehicle to grid uniquely lowers the cost of running your business's electric vehicles by generating savings through a combination of ‘behind-the-meter’ reductions in network charges and savings in energy costs.

The savings made through EDF's V2G charging service are shared with you on your energy bill, and can help reduce the annual cost of electric fuel (equivalent to an average 9,000 miles per year per V2G charger, enough to run your vehicles for free.

V2G Grid Sustainability

Show that your business is supporting environmental sustainability

Vehicle to grid increases the positive impact electric vehicles already have in reducing carbon emissions, by supporting the introduction of renewable energy sources to the electric grid.

Electricity generated by intermittent sources such as solar and wind can be stored in EV batteries, and then discharged at times of peak energy demand or those sources aren’t available.

V2G Smart Application

Intelligent charging at your fingertips

Our vehicle to grid solution includes all of the elements you'd get from a fast charging solution.

Each charger links to our intuitive web and phone application allowing fleet managers to remotely check the status of their connected electric vehicles and schedule any charging needs as they require.

Why EDF?


We installed the first EV charging points into London in 1999 and powered the EV charging network for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.


We're already trusted by a wide range of businesses to help them realize their electric future.


We have a wealth of related expertise to support you in your electric vehicle journey.


We're working with key partners such as Pod Point (part of the EDF group), Nissan and DriveElectric to accelerate EV uptake and infrastructure in the UK.

Our partnership with Dreev

DREEV is a joint venture by EDF Pulse Croissance and Californian start-up NUVVE. DREEV develops smart charging solutions enabling Electric Vehicles to charge cheaper and greener. DREEV relies on a patented technology developed with NUVVE and deployed around the world.

Vehicle to Grid FAQs

What is the difference between smart charging and vehicle to grid?

Smart charging is an umbrella term that defines all technologies that can control when and how quickly vehicles charge their batteries or discharge their energy back to the private or public network they’re connected to.

Vehicle to grid (V2G) charging technology allows participating customers to save or earn money by allowing their EV batteries to store energy and discharge it back to the national grid, or their own buildings, when it’s most needed – for instance at peak demand during the day when usage and costs across the UK are at their highest. This way V2G also increases the positive impact electric vehicles already have in reducing carbon emissions, by supporting the introduction of renewable energy sources to the grid.

How does V2G benefit the grid and the environment?

The main idea behind V2G is to take advantage of electric vehicle batteries when they are not used for driving, by charging and/or discharging them at appropriate times. For example, EVs can be charged to store excess renewable energy production and discharged to feed energy back into the grid during consumption peaks. This not only supports the introduction of renewable energies to the grid, but also prevents the use of fossil fuels thanks to an improved management of the grid. Therefore V2G is a ‘win’ for the user (thanks to V2G monthly savings) and the positive environmental impact.

Is vehicle to grid available to residential customers?

This vehicle to grid offer is currently only available to business customers. We're considering providing vehicle to grid to our residential customers in the future, so please stay in touch. We're currently providing smart chargers to our domestic customers, via Pod Point.

For more information visit http://www.414776.com/electric-cars/home-charger or email us at goelectric@414776.com.

What vehicles does vehicle to grid work with?

Currently our vehicle to grid offer only works with the Nissan Leaf and the Nissan e-NV200. If you don't have one of these vehicles, we will be happy to help you lease or purchase them.

Can I get vehicle to grid if I'm not an EDF customer?

Our offer is currently for EDF customers only. If you want to switch to EDF please contact us.

How do I get my V2G savings?

You will receive your V2G savings through your EDF energy bill, as our V2G service saves you money on your Non-Energy Costs.

Can I optimise V2G with photovoltaic panels?

Yes you can combine solar PV and V2G, and we can work with you to configure the charge of your EV when panels are expected to produce energy for your site.

Will my battery to be empty when I need my vehicle?

Our main concern is for your mobility needs to be satisfied at all circumstances. EDF and Dreev will therefore ask you for information on your usage in order to ensure that your electric vehicles are charged at the right time.

At any time, you can plan a trip via our mobile application. In the event of an unforeseen event, you can even regain control and overide the V2G system to force the charge of your vehicles.

Can I use my V2G charger to charge other EVs if needed?

Thanks to the V2G charger developed with ABB, you will be able to charge any car using the CHAdeMO connection standard, even if the car is not compatible with V2G. However, as these vehicles cannot provide services to the electrical grid, they will not generate any savings on your bill. This is why we advise that only compatible vehicles are used with our V2G charger.

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